Please email [email protected] for print pricing and inquiries.  Thank you!  buddingbyCandaceChaneybuddingbyCandaceChaneySpring buds arrive in February 2020 in Shreveport, Louisiana, on a tulip magnolia tree. Photo by Candace Chaney | sunflowerbyCandaceChaneysunflowerbyCandaceChaneyA sunflower in late afternoon stands tall in a field in Gilliam, Louisiana in July 2020. Photo by Candace Chaney | peachbycdcpeachbycdcA freshly picked peach sits on a table after having been bought at Shreveport’s Farmer’s Market in July 2020. Photo by Candace Chaney | magnoliabycdcmagnoliabycdcA cut magnolia bloom graces the dinner table in Shreveport, Louisiana, in May 2020. Photo by Candace Chaney | frozencameliabycdcfrozencameliabycdcFrozen camelia bloom in Shreveport, Louisiana in January 2021. Photo by Candace Chaney | CDC_4146 copyCDC_4146 copy