Welcome to Candace Chaney Photography!  My life's work flows out of my calling to point to hope and beauty, to tell stories, and preserve legacies, crafting meaning and metaphor out of the messiness of life. Your story deserves to be told and I'm here for you, ready and totally pumped to help you tell it.    

I offer timeless lifestyle photography and/or videography for births, newborn sessions, family sessions, or day-in-the-life sessions.  Contact me at [email protected] for more information.  I would love to work with you to achieve your goals for family legacy preservation!   


"I am just so obsessed with ALL of Candace's photos.  She must be magical; she made something out of nothing coated in sweat, tantrums, frowns, flailing arms, a summer rain shower, sticky watermelon juice, mud, and sugary bribes."  Lauren L.  


"I am so in love with these pictures!  I was in tears looking at them yesterday.  Thank you so much for capturing my sweet baby and making it so easy."  Kendall T.