a (baby's) year in review

July 07, 2021
I met Christina and Andy in the spring of 2020 - just before the pandemic hit I do believe. From the get go, they were as bright and beautiful as the sun flare that seemed to follow them wherever they went. Baby Hadley was born in that window of time where no one was allowed in the hospital because of Covid-19, so we didn't get hospital photos...
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survived and surprised

June 03, 2021
Energetic 11 year old twins? No problem. For this fun crew, I created a scavenger hunt for some downtown Shreveport sites at sunset. By the time we made our two mile loop, we had seen a lot and had plenty of time to capture what I knew we'd see along with what came as bit of a surprise, like the wall inspiring my friend Kristen and I to near tears-...
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happily ever after

March 30, 2021
Even though it looked a little different this year, it was so much fun to capture St. Mark's Cathedral School's annual 4th grade fairytales! A happy story indeed.
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Louisiana blooms

March 27, 2021
"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen." Ralph Waldo Emerson Flowers are temporal surprises, seasonally showing off, there for the noticing. I've noticed. And these floral heralds of glory have captured my imagination, inviting me to look long. Visit my store for a print- I would love to share what I've captured w...
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on Cloud nine

March 05, 2021
Baby's first year packages are some of my very favorite things to do and the Cloud family has made it so fun from the start! Baby Claire is growing growing growing and I thought I'd share a few images from what we've been able to capture so far. Love it! gender reveal Newborn four months
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