305 Forest

August 15, 2022
As I walk up one flight of stairs to my second floor office in the Hunter Building above The Silver Lake Ballroom in Downtown Shreveport, I pass a framed black and white survey of the area from the 1873. This used to be an actual lake. Silver Lake to be precise, complete with Native American lore. A few years back, an older gentleman came to my fr...
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a good deal in Plain Dealing

July 12, 2022
No news can be good news. Perhaps a gubernatorial visit means there's been a disaster or an emergency, but yesterday when John Bel Edwards visited Plain Dealing, LA, it was all for good. Good because a Louisiana governor hasn't visited the small town since 1949. Good because he was coming to celebrate a groundbreaking of Teal Jones' sawmill project...
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on waking

July 07, 2022
"What can we make of the inexpressible joy of children? It is a kind of gratitude, I think- the gratitude of the ten-year-old who wakes to her own energy and the brisk challenge of the world. You thought you knew the place and all the routines, but you see you hadn't known. Whole stacks at the library held books devoted to things you knew nothing a...
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what if?

May 23, 2022
What if there was a small town meeting place where people could not only get a world class cup of coffee but also a pep talk? What if it had space for anyone and everyone to come to gather and sit on porches and visit face to face? What if it had a dedicated, reservable area for creative thinkers to come together and collaborate over the...
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birth: a holy moment

May 13, 2022
Transitioning from the womb to the big wide world has got to be one of the most dramatic moments of our lives. Also one of the most holy.
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