what if?

May 23, 2022


What if there was a small town meeting place where people could not only get a world class cup of coffee but also a pep talk?  

commercial photographyLocal Habit Coffee, Nash, TexasLocal Habit Coffee, Nash, Texas

What if it had space for anyone and everyone to come to gather and sit on porches and visit face to face?  


Cody Peek, Local Habit Coffee, Nash, TexasOwner Cody Peek eats a chocolate chip cookie after a busy opening day on May 21, 2022 at Local Habit Coffee Co. in Nash, Texas.


What if it had a dedicated, reservable area for creative thinkers to come together and collaborate over the best caffeinated beverages this world has to offer? 


What if it was a new business that would bless and invigorate the surrounding town and communities?


I have a hunch that's what owners Cody Peek and Josh Wiggins were thinking while dreaming up Local Habit Coffee Co.  Cody and Josh, with the support and help from their talented wives, have succeeded in opening a top notch coffee shop in the small community of Nash, Texas, on the outskirts of Texarkana.  From concept and design, to employee work ethic and culture, to coffee bean quality and barista know-how, no detail was left to chance.  Every inch of this place was well thought out and enthusiastically brought to life all the while pointing a finger to "go make something good happen," a tag line that serves as a harbinger of hope.  


DSC05649Local Habit Coffee Co, Nash, TX

commercial photographyLocal Habit Coffee Co

A certain teenager worked the counter on opening day and by worked, I mean he busted his behind from the crack of dawn to closing time.  Sanders Wiggins, son of co-owner Josh Wiggins, is learning first hand what can happen when you have the courage to implement an idea, the dedication to see it through, and the endurance to work hard at the task at hand.  


What good can we make happen today? 


What can we dream up?  


There's no idea too big or too small.  


What if?