survived and surprised

June 03, 2021


Energetic 11 year old twins?  No problem.  For this fun crew, I created a scavenger hunt for some downtown Shreveport sites at sunset.  By the time we made our two mile loop, we had seen a lot and had plenty of time to capture what I knew we'd see along with what came as bit of a surprise, like the wall inspiring my friend Kristen and I to near tears- the graffitied one about the creative adult. 

CDC_7389CDC_7389 CDC_7504CDC_7504 CDC_7546CDC_7546 CDC_7550CDC_7550 CDC_7568CDC_7568 CDC_7582CDC_7582 CDC_7621CDC_7621 Another surprise came with the light.  In this family shot with the live oaks of the Caddo Parish Courthouse in the background, the sun was actually setting behind me.  With the way they were positioned, there was no way this family should be rimmed with light.  However, we were in just the right spot at just the right time so that a massive amount of golden light was bouncing off of the Horseshoe Casino from all the way across the river in Bossier City so that it lit them up from behind, wrapping them like the love they share. 


Just goes to show you... you never know where you'll find light.  Light can show up and surprise you.   CDC_7648CDC_7648


CDC_7699CDC_7699 CDC_7726CDC_7726 CDC_7729CDC_7729 CDC_7807CDC_7807 CDC_7797CDC_7797 CDC_7860CDC_7860 CDC_7896CDC_7896 CDC_7902CDC_7902 CDC_7904CDC_7904

So yeah, this session was full of surprises including continued connection and storytelling even after our session had ended.  Sometimes I wonder when I'll stop being surprised at all the amazing stories I hear and the ways God connects me with all these incredible families full of courage and strength and HOPE but no... I think I'll always be surprised.