a (baby's) year in review

July 07, 2021

CDC_3254CDC_3254 I met Christina and Andy in the spring of 2020 - just before the pandemic hit I do believe.  From the get go, they were as bright and beautiful as the sun flare that seemed to follow them wherever they went.   CDC_3360CDC_3360 CDC_3490CDC_3490


CDC_0879-2 copyCDC_0879-2 copy  

Baby Hadley was born in that window of time where no one was allowed in the hospital because of Covid-19, so we didn't get hospital photos, but I did put on my mask and saved this moment in time from a distance, so careful. I remember it like it was yesterday.   CDC_0781 copyCDC_0781 copy CDC_0665-2 copyCDC_0665-2 copy

By September at her 4 month session, those big blue eyes were popping and the baby soaking in the tub in the evening light just about undid us, one thousand percent adorable.  

CDC_8052CDC_8052 CDC_8303CDC_8303 CDC_8511CDC_8511 CDC_8591-2CDC_8591-2

Then came the pig tails and oh my... just when I thought it couldn't get any more endearing.   CDC_8555 copyCDC_8555 copy CDC_8553-2CDC_8553-2 CDC_8611-2CDC_8611-2

CDC_8643CDC_8643 CDC_8736 copyCDC_8736 copy

CDC_0340-2CDC_0340-2 CDC_0353CDC_0353 CDC_0358CDC_0358 CDC_0369CDC_0369 CDC_0740-2CDC_0740-2

CDC_0473CDC_0473 CDC_0666CDC_0666 CDC_0672CDC_0672

CDC_0608CDC_0608 CDC_0227CDC_0227

So the photos began and ended at the Red River and it was such a pleasure saving these memories for Christina, Andy, and Hadley.  They've headed north already on a new assignment, but I hope they can look back at their time in Louisiana and smile, those memories on the banks of the river preserved and held.