what's with the feather?

August 09, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

As you may have heard or seen on social media, the season of my work under the umbrella of Mama's Love Photography has come to a loving end and I am starting again with Candace Chaney Photography. With a new start comes a new logo - a feather.



For quite some time, I've been focused on HOPE, turning it around and upside down and inside out in my heart and mind.  How does HOPE keep us afloat?  What does it look like?  It's not glib, I know that. This 2020 craziness has taught me that sometimes hope is the white knuckled hanging-on type, gritty and raw.  But still... it's there, always offering an outstretched hand. 

And when we reach for hope, it lifts us.  According to Emily Dickinson, "hope is the thing with feathers." I've found that this metaphor holds.  Hope is a feather.  It lifts, protects, and insulates.  It's how we fly, how we rise above. Feathered hope is hope that helps us go on.  Flapping to greater heights. “Further up and further in" as CS Lewis puts it. 

With hope, we rise. 

With hope, we can begin to see.  Truly see.

Hope is beginning to be my lens.  Instead of asking what hope looks like, I'm beginning to ask how does hope see?  Every time I pick up my camera, I have become expectant.  Hope-full. 

I'm looking for it in my life and I'll look for it in yours, too.  To the extent that you invite me in, I'll use my gifts to not only capture all the obvious beauty and joy of your life, but also maybe even inspire hope with something you haven't really seen before.  I'll use my hope lens and maybe it will make a difference.

Has there ever been a better time to filter out all the uncertainty and fear and look for hope? 

I'm here, I'm ready.

Let's do this.

Sign up for a session today!

With love and hope (and a new logo), 


PS.  I am ready and open for bookings for this busy fall season and the sooner we can get you booked, the better.  You can book a session by clicking over to the home page and clicking "book a session."

PPS. I am looking to do one session a quarter pro bono, a HOPE SESSION.  Email me to nominate a family or individual that could use an extra dose of hope during this season of life.  I'll make selections from nominations every October 1, January 1, April 1, and July 1st going forward.  Just send a little information about the family or individual and why they could use a hope session.  Thanks, friends!  Here's to hope!  






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